Cauliflower Florets in Beer Dough

Serves four people:

1 cauliflower, 0.2 l light beer, fat for frying, fresh ground pepper, 1 dash of sugar, 2 eggs - separated into whites and yolks, flour for rolling, 150 g flour, 2-3 tablespoons canola oil, salt


Wash the cauliflower, remove leaves, and separate the florets. Cut individual florets at their base in a cross shape so that they cook evenly. Boil florets in saltwater with a dash of sugar added for about 10 minutes - or until they are al dente.

For the beer dough, sift flour into a large bowl; add beer and egg yolks, and salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Mix into a creamy dough. Add the oil and stir into a smooth dough. Beat egg whites until they are stiff and add to the dough last. Roll the dried cauliflower florets in flour and then pull them through the beer dough. Fry in hot pan until crisp. (Source: CMA)

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