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Brewery tours are a great way to learn about beer making. To get an even better understanding, try a beer class. In Franconia, beer is a science of pleasure.

The three-day “Comprehensive Brew Class” at the Organic Brewery in Pleinfelden (Franconian Lake Country) promises to give you all the tools you need to make beer at home. The brew master teaches extensively about ingredients and brewing techniques.

Learn How to Tap a Beer Barrel

Shorter one-day classes or hourly programs are available for less ambitious beer lovers. For example, in Kulmbach you can participate in a beer tasting and a “beer-tapping test.” If you don’t get covered with beer in the process, you get a tapping apron as your certificate.

In Pottenstein in the Franconian Switzerland, you can earn a “beer diploma” at the museum brewery. Franconian brew masters will let you see first hand what they do and they will happily let you sample the products of their work.

Brewers at the Bishop’s Seat


In Eichstätt in the Altmühltal Nature Park you can book a program with the title: “Brew masters can’t let the city run out of beer.” This guided tour through the baroque Bishop’s seat takes you to historical sites to give you a feel for how life used to be in the old days. You will visit former taverns, breweries, and pubs. You will also hear about trips to the market, dyer apprentices, and old proverbs.

In Bamberg, you can join a guided tour with the title: “Bamberg, Brewing, and Beer.” Here, you learn when the first beer was brewed, why you go “on” the cellar – rather than “to” the cellar – in Franconia, and much more. The medieval town on the Regnitz River and its ten breweries is a stronghold of Franconian beer traditions. Your tour starts with a compact brochure full of information and coupons for sampling a variety of beers.

The so-called “Beer Gourmet” (BierSchmecker®) Tour includes sampling Bamberg’s superb, and world-renowned beers. You will be immersed into the unique atmosphere of the city, its medieval alleys, and the greenbelt along the Regnitz River. You get your own beer mug “BierStadt®Bamberg” and five coupons for a half liter of beer each. This should get you started on your journey of exploring the breweries on both sides of the river.

BierkrügeBrauer bei BierverköstigungBierwanderung im Steigerwald

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