Palate Pleasing Products from the Orchard

Fresh, ripe fruit in a glass: The Franconian orchards offer ideal growing conditions for cherries, plums, pears, blackthorn and mirabelle prunes. The sweet juicy harvest does not always end up fresh on the table though. A large percentage of fresh Franconian fruit is made into high-proof fruit brandies. Whether they are spirits, brandies, schnapps, or liqueurs, all of them are produced from fresh and ripe fruit only. The manufacturing process varies depending on the final product. Liqueurs and spirits have alcohol added to them. The alcohol in turn absorbs the flavor of the fruit. Brandies and schnapps are made by distillation. Hint: Nine of Franconia’s best distillers have combined to form the “Rosenhut” organization. They use very strict production guidelines and produce some of the best products. The “Rosenhut” brand is considered one of the best among experts.

Brände aus der Brennerei HaasKirschblüte in der Fränkischen Schweiz

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