Franconian Cuisine: Cooking with Beer


Beer is used as a spice – not just of life, but also of food. Sounds strange? Well, it’s just the way it works in Franconia.

Franconian chefs are not only inspired by the end product, the beer, but also by the ingredients to make it. The results are tasty and unusual culinary creations.

Popular among all is the Franconian Hops Salad: The spicy hops sprouts are carefully prepared for this treat that is available – weather depending – from mid-March to mid-April. This is a must-try delicacy!

Refreshingly Spicy: Franconian beer is used extensively to flavor sauces, for example there is the bold, dark beer sauce that is served with roast, or a light salad dressing with wheat beer. Depending on the time of the year. Franconian cooking utilizes beer either as refreshment or as a spice.

All Sorts of Beer Food: In Franconia, beer is even used to cook desserts with. And we think that is a good thing. Just try a beer doughnut or a malt liquor zabaglione. You’ll agree with us! And after an opulent meal, your stomach looks forward to a digestif. Even though Franconia is known for its brandies, after a beer infused meal, you might as well opt for some beer schnapps instead.

Beer is used widely in Franconian cooking, sometimes in surprising ways, but always with great results. Sounds interesting? We invite you to try the following recipes at home.

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