Scrumptious Tour Packages


You will like it here, if beer is more than just a thirst quencher to you. You will find camaraderie, entertainment, and all that in a relaxed atmosphere.

Vacation time can be this easy: Franconian tourist information centers offer a wide variety of individual and group packages with something for everybody. So you can start relaxing before you even get here! Your accommodations as well as activities are already taken care of.

Liquid Gold Discovery Tours


Guests can book culinary discovery tours in Bamberg, Kulmbach, Forchheim and Bayreuth. Travelers can spend two or more days exploring everything there is to see, learn and taste about the local brews. Tour packages include beer tasting, brewery museum visits, ...

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Water Excursions


A boat trip is also a great experience. We recommend the tour “Beer and Baroque along the Danube and Altmühl Rivers.” During the day, enjoy the beautiful countryside from the deck, explore historical sites on land, and enjoy regional food and a superb glass of beer or two. Overnight accommodations are on shore.

BierwanderungBeer experience in Franconian SwitzerlandBeer - on the right track

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