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Fürth in Bavaria
Over the centuries, the Michaeliskirchweih in Fürth has developed from a small affair in front of the church to a huge festival that encompasses the entire old city. So the setting is in the city rather than at a fairground. The advantage of that is that city restaurants and beer gardens are a part of the happenings. There is an official festival beer, plus there are varieties of beers offered by about 25 different local breweries. The typical Franconian fare offered at this festival includes local specialties, such as the “Baggers” (potato pancakes) and “G’wedelten” (grilled green herring).

The “Schlappentag” in Hof has a unique history: In 1430, the city was conquered by the Hussites and completely destroyed. In their despair, the survivors petitioned the Margrave of Brandenburg and were granted tax freedom for ten years. A condition for this privilege was that the locals had to obtain firearms so they would be able to defend themselves against future attacks. In 1432, the marksmen’s guild Hof was founded. Its members were craftsmen, and on practice days, you could see them hurry to the shooting range in the mornings in their work clothes and the traditional wooden clogs (in German Schlappen). As a reward for their sacrifices, the marksmen’s guild was granted the privilege to brew beer. So the “Schlappentag” has been celebrated for over 560 years. It is considered a national holiday in the town of Hof and, of course, there is a special beer for the occasion: The “Schlappenbier.”

In Erlangen, locals call their “Kirchweih” festival the “Berch.” It is a fabulous occasion if you like to explore the Franconian beer cellar heritage. Around Pentecost, the locals start flocking to the beer cellars. They have been celebrating their “Bergkirchweih” for over 250 years and, of course, a special festival beer, the “Bergbier” is part of that wonderful tradition.

Kirchweih annual fairSchlappentag Hof"Bergkirchweih" in ErlangenMichaelisberg Bamberg


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