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Franconia’s festival calendar is full of celebrations, not just church related ones. And guests are always welcome.

Over 100,000 visitors flock to the Beer Week in Kulmbach every year. For nine days beer is the only thing that matters. And the Kulmbach Brewery makes sure people don’t tire of the offerings: They make three different festival beers; one is darker, the other one is lighter, one tastes more like malt, the other one tastes more like hops. Either way, they are all delicious.

Also well known is the annual Anna Festival in Forchheim. It is celebrated annually around July 26th, which is the name day of Saint Anna’s mother Mary. There are 20 beer cellars in the “Cellar Forest” and you are entertained under giant oak and beech trees. Aside from the obvious, beer, treat yourself to a carriage ride or just enjoy the live music.

Bierwoche KulmbachAnna Festival in ForchheimKellner beim BierzapfenFamilie auf der Kirchweih


from  29.11.2021  
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