Beer Tours through Franconia


You should not get in the way of travelers, especially if they are in the process of discovering Franconia’s beers and breweries.

You can travel on foot or by bicycle; you can explore the towns or the outdoors. The possibilities are as varied as Franconian beers.

Touch the barley, smell the malt, watch the brew master check the ingredients. Anything is possible in the Beer Land Franconia: A hike to a world-famous brewery, tapping a barrel yourself, or bicycling to a great beer destination.

When you immerse yourself into the Franconian beer heritage, you will be rewarded with one or more great tasting beers. The Beer Land Franconia is especially rewarding for hikers of all abilities. Plan your hike to take you from one brewpub to the next. The choices are endless. Franconia offers beautiful nature, historical treasures such as castles and fortresses, as well as countless historical breweries, many of which have been family-owned and -operated for centuries.

Beer Touring on Two Wheels: Bicyclists also have a lot to look forward to when touring in Franconia, even though the local laws ask you to abstain from alcohol consumption until you get to the end of your trip. Notable beer bicycle tours are the Brewery and Cellar Tour in the Franconian Switzerland and the Steigerwald Forest. The distances covered for bicycle touring are greater than those for hiking trips.

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Length 12 km
more Distelhäuser Bierwanderweg
Length 8 km
Length 34 km
more Elchweg am Fünf-Seidla-Steig®
Length 9 km
Length 16 km
Length 18 km
Length 24 km
Length 9 km
more Fünf-Seidla-Steig®
Length 18 km
Length 28 km
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