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In German, Bamberg is known for its “B’s:” The “Bürger” or citizens, the “Burg” or fortress, the “Barock” or baroque architecture, the “Brez’n” or pretzels, and the “Bier” as in beer.

And locals like to point out that there are three rivers running through Bamberg: The right arm of the Regnitz River, the left arm of the Regnitz River, and a stream of bubbly, fresh beer.

Bamberg is home to nine breweries that produce more than 50 kinds of beer. Most unique among them all is the Bamberg Smoked Beer. In their restaurants, the breweries offer any imaginable kind of beer: top or bottom fermented, light or dark, with a tart taste of hops or a smoky and malted flavor, mild or strong, etc. Unique, flavorful varieties are on tap, fresh and ready for you to enjoy all over town.

Bamberg has a thousand-year tradition of beer brewing and is a great place to evolve from a beer drinker to a beer connoisseur. There are multiple offerings to continue your beer education, such as the BierSchmecker© Tour, the BierSchmecker© Experience, or the BierSchmecker© Guided Tour.

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