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Everybody knows that each type of wine is best enjoyed in a special glass just for that variety. For true beer connoisseurs, the same holds true for beer. Different kinds of beer taste best in a glass of a certain shape so as to bring out the unique flavor or to keep the foam on top stable.

The tulip shaped beer glass – skinny in shape with thin walls – is perfect for Pils beers. It enhances the slightly tart aroma from the hops. Also well established is the tall glass for wheat or white beers. The tall glass keeps the carbonation longer and enhances the fresh and bubbly character of these brews.

Light and mild beers, called Helles or Export, are traditionally served in a simple, tall glass mug. The stronger and more malt flavored Bock Beer needs a correspondingly stout container. So it is traditionally served in a thick-walled glass or even in an earthenware mug. Of course, you can find many different varieties of glasses and mugs throughout Franconia. Breweries use different containers to serve their beer varieties and beer experts claim that the drinking vessel makes all the difference.

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