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Franconian monasteries are well known for their beer. Beer has always been very tasty and – thank God – it is also quite nourishing as well.

Centuries ago, when monks started brewing beer, they gave secular breweries a run for their lives very quickly. The monks studied ancient scripts, such as the writings of the Roman author Pliny the Elder, for tips on brewing beer and thus were able to produce beer that was far superior to anything else that was brewed in the area.

Great Destinations for Beer Pilgrims: Monastery breweries were widespread throughout Franconia up until the time of the French Revolution, which led to a secularization of many monasteries in Germany. By the way, nunneries were heavily involved in beer brewing as well. Today, there are still a few “brewing monasteries” around. Most notably, there is the Franciscan monastery on top of the mythical Kreuzberg Mountain in the Rhön region. The monastery is a religious site as well as a favorite destination for beer pilgrims. Today, many former monastery breweries in Franconia are privately owned. But the spirit and traditions of the old days live on regardless.

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