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Located in the Franconian Lake Country, the city of Spalt is known for its hops and beer. Beer has been brewed here for over 700 years and the hops that is grown here is famous all over the world. The earliest record of hops cultivation dates back to 1376. And in 1583, the citizens of Spalt protected their most important product with the first official seal for hops. In 1879, numerous small breweries combined to form the City Brewery Spalt. Since 2006, it is the last community brewery in Germany, owned by the citizens of Spalt and run by the mayor.

A beer class in Spalt is a wonderful way to spend an enjoyable weekend and learn everything you ever wanted to know about hops and beer. You can judge the quality of the local brews for yourself, either while touring the brewery or while enjoying a rustic snack and beer tasting - all that of course in a quaint historical setting.

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