Beer as a Cultural Experience


When it comes to beer in Franconia, all you have to do is look at the numbers: There are over 300 breweries, ensuring the continuation of traditions and the many unique and intriguing kinds of beer.

Enjoy a fresh, Franconian “Seidla Bier;” a beer of deep, gold color. It makes beer aficionados rejoice! And there are so many varieties to choose from. After all, Franconia has the most breweries per square kilometer of any place in Europe.

You are invited to enjoy our beers the same way we do: In quaint brewpubs, in beer gardens under giant chestnut trees, in a beer cellar, or at one of the many beer festivals. Most popular among them are the “Kirchweihen,” or short “Kärwa,” festivals.

Beer is not just for drinking

In Franconia, beer does not always end up in a glass. Many times, beer ends up in a dish as well. For example, the local specialty “Aischgründer Carp” is prepared with beer. Beer is traditionally used for cooking, marinating, or baking. In Bamberg, you can get bread made with their renowned smoked beer. Whether new creations or traditional recipes: Franconian beer proves to be Franconia’s liquid gold in the kitchen too.

Don’t miss the “Kirchweihen” festivals…
… in Franconia they are called “Kärwa” and are some of the most popular festivals around.

Ein frisches Bier - Köstlich!Zur Brotzeit ein kühles BierFreundliche Bedienung

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