Private Breweries in Bavaria


Beer brewing traditions in Franconia are deeply rooted in a large variety of breweries, ranging from small, privately owned places to community breweries and brewpubs.

Many of the microbreweries have an annual production of less than 1000 hectoliters of beer and make beer solely for consumption in their own tavern. Every brew tastes slightly differently, each variety has its own flavor, and it all depends on what kind of hops was used and which spring the water came from. All the individual differences aside, there is one thing that unites all private breweries: It’s the quest for making some of the best beer in the world right here in Franconia. You can taste that!

ZapfhähneGemütliches Beisammensein bei einem kühlen BierEingang zum FelsenkellerPrivater Brauerei Gasthof
Private Brauereien Bayern e.V.
Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 9
81929 München

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Fax: +49 89/220179
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